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"The value of any technology is directly
proportionate to the consistency of its
application and the skill level of the users"

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About the World Water Operator Training Company Inc. (WWOTC) and its Ontario Canada subsidiary,
The Ontario Water Operator Training Center (OWOTC)

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There is not a more crucial crusade in the pursuit of sustainable existence on this planet than the respect, appreciation and protection of our planet's water systems. For this reason World Water Operator Training Company Inc., based in Canada, has assembled a team of talented industry specialists who have the demonstrated skills and commitment to assist in the pursuit of this mission. In utilizing seasoned subject matter experts, it is our goal to provide increased access to "solutions" to our shared challenges. Whether through the provision of superior water and wastewater operator training to consulting services in certification, operational matters or leadership management, it is our personal commitment to bring these one-stop solutions within reach.

Doug Cooper
President C.E.O.

Students in class.
Offering Training Options and Solutions

  • Pre-Training Assessments & Consultation
  • Water and Wastewater Training Schools
  • On-Site Water and Wastewater Training Courses
  • Leasing of Water and Wastewater Courses
  • Developing Annual Water and Wastewater Symposiums
  • Post Training Assessment and Operator Coaching
  • Water and Wastewater Training & Certification Support
  • Franchising of Hands-on Schools
  • Custom Course Development
We currently provide consultation and training to service the needs of over 300 Municipal clients, from across Canada and now beyond to a growing international audience.

Other Support Services

Management Consulting

  • Process Optimization Teams
  • Solutions Response Teams
  • Operational Audits
  • Operational Consulting
  • Technology Assessments

Leadership Management Consulting

  • Stakeholder Assessments
  • Communications plans
  • Management Training/Succession Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Quality Management Systems